Back to school gifting

The back-to-school bedlam

Getting ready for back to school is absolute bedlam.  All the added pressure of keeping the children entertained over the 6 weeks holidays on top of the back-to-school rush.  As a mother of 3, I completely get caught up in all of this. I feel your pain!

Here at the Blink Box Store, we have created back to school gifting that makes shopping a little bit more exciting. I myself love the stationary & backpack shopping.  Also why not beat the rush and shop online.

We have a funky range of stationary, lunch time accessories and the all-important backpacks.  We even have smart backpacks for those hard to buy for teenagers. 

If you want to find value for money shop our 3pc back to school backpack sets.  They are all cool enough to be gifted.  We even have officially licensed stationary gifts all unique. 


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