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Top 5 favourite themed gifts for children

As a parent myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for a birthday or other special occasion for your child. We love sourcing fun activities for the whole family to enjoy together, just browse our store and see what you’ll find! 

Why themed-gifts? 

The options for themed-gifting are endless! We make it easy to search for the perfect themed gift, from magical unicorns to cool gadgets, to mermaids. If you’re not sure what you buy, we have fantastic options for themed subscription boxes so you’ll receive a unique set of items in the post, every month. 

Stormtrooper Star Wars outfit

1) Star Wars Fanatics 

Do you perhaps have a Star Wars fan at home? It’s easy to be inspired by intergalactic heroes, mysterious villains and the legendary way of the Jedi. Become the next Padawan with our series of awesome Star Wars collectible figurines and accessories! 

Star Wars themed gifting is so varied - you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. Even a Star Wars Episode III fleece blanket for some extra decoration in a boys room, or a colour-changing Star Wars mug for Dad. 

A little girl playing with her pink unicorn toy

2) Shop for your magical unicorn fans 

We all need a bit of extra magic in our homes. If you have an ‘all things unicorn’ fan in your family, our Unicorn Collection will give you everything you need to find the perfect unicorn-themed gift. 

You’ll find arts and crafts gifts that will inspire your child to create their own unicorn, personalise their room with a sparkly unicorn light or even make their own magical rainbow unicorn slime at home! If you can’t quite find what you want, you’ll even find affordable and exciting unicorn subscription boxes, with a mystery gift thrown in each month. 

Unicorn themed gifts make the perfect addition to children’s birthday parties and make adorable presents for a special occasion, or even as a thoughtful letterbox gift! 

A mermaid swimming with a fish in a magical ocean

3) Feel mermazing with magical mermaid gifts 

Mermaid gifts are the best! Who doesn’t love the magic and mystery of mermaids? Only growing in popularity over the years, and with so many mermaid themed gifts available, it can be difficult to choose something truly unique. Say goodbye to standard gifts, and browse our mermasing mermaid collection today for something that really puts a smile on your child’s face! 

The Blink Box collects a wonderful variety of magical mermaid products that will make exciting gifts for children of all ages - from themed stationary and makeup brushes, to enchanting subscription boxes with unique items for your very own Little Mermaid at home. 

Watching Stranger Things Season 3 with popcorn

4) Must-have ‘Stranger Things’ backpacks and gift sets 

The hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ has taken us back to the colourful world of the 80’s, in a small town with some creepy secrets. Bring a little bit of the Upside Down home with you when you purchase our official ‘Stranger Things’ merchandise! 

You can even shop our ‘Stranger Things’ backpack, which will give you everything your child needs for their secret mission to the Upside Down, or just help your child feel brave in their Maths class. 

Singing and dancing during a music concert

5) Grab some Official Billie Eilish merchandise 

Does your home have a Billie Eilish fan? If so, make sure you take a look at our official Billie Eilish merch to bring this famous singer's signature t-shirt and hoodies home. Our Billie Eilish merchandise and apparel is comfortable, stylish and high-quality. 

You might even need to show off your new items at her next concert! 

At The Blink Box Store, we make sure to find unique gifts and arts and crafts activities designed to keep children entertained for hours, and even create their own wonderful keepsakes to enjoy time and time again.

Find the perfect gift, with us! 

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