Why should you support small businesses? The Blink Box Store

Why should you support small businesses?

Supporting small business meaning you’ll receive excellent customer service, quality products and owners that are always prepared to go to the extra mile to ensure that you find exactly what online shoppers are looking for!

You’ll be supporting life-long dreams

The Blink Box Store is my dream. I studied business studies in high school and then carried it on throughout college, then went on to university to study business management and accountancy. I’ve always been interested in starting something unique, myself!

Small businesses make you feel at home

As a parent, I’m constantly reminded of how hard families work to find the perfect gifts, crafting activities and plan quality time together.

The Blink Box is changing that. We make it easy to find exactly what you need, online. Our crafting and build-your-own subscription boxes mean you’ll have more time to spend doing fun things together as a family, and less time planning for things to do.

Unique, personalised shopping

The Blink Box is always looking for beautiful themed gift ideas, affordable fashion, gadgets or fun craft and art subscription boxes to give families many choices when it comes to planning the perfect occasion, and finding the perfect birthday gift for your children.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our store for unique and themed gift ideas. Don’t forget that our stock changes quickly, blink and you might miss out!

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