Little Crafters Competition

Craft Box Competition

Enter your child's wonderful artwork and stand a chance to win!

Each month, we'll select one winner for an exclusive mini-craft box filled with colourful and exciting crafty materials and extra goodies. You'll have your artwork featured on our social media, and in our Winner's Gallery at the bottom of this page!

Little Crafters January Theme: Love

Our theme for the January Little Crafters Competition is 'Love' Your child has complete freedom to create something that means "Love to them"!

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Competition Terms and Conditions

- Submit one entry per child

- Your entry must be clearly related to our monthly theme

- Submit a good-quality photograph of the artwork

- Full creative freedom! This can be a drawing, painting, collage, sand art or any medium you like!

- The Blink Box Store will choose one artwork per month, and will announce the winner via email and by sharing the chosen artwork and your child's name on social media

- The Blink Box Store may contact other entries for permission to feature these on our social media platforms

We'll be holding this competiton every month, so keep entering for a chance to be featured on our social media, and you might be next to win our Little Crafters box!