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Aventurine Dual Ended Face Roller Gift

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This aventurine face roller is created to help alleviate tired and puffy skin. It is designed so it can easily be turned to fit the contours of your face  as it is dual ended . Aventurine is believed to provide many healing properties including an anti-inflammatory effect. Use with your favourite facial oil, or you might want to store in your skincare fridge and roll underneath your eyes in the morning to feel fresher and more alert. You might want to treat someone to wellness gift, this would be perfect. 

Key features

  • Aventurine face roller
  • Designed to be easily turned to fit the contours of your face as its dual ended
  • Aventurine has healing properties such as anti inflammatory 
  • Wellness gift idea
  • Benefits include reducing facial puffiness, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and relives tension & improves overall health and radiance of the skin. 
  • Size: H15cm x W2cm x D2.5cm