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Blume Dolls Baby Pop Series 1 Gift

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Bringing you this years top Christmas toy Blume Dolls Baby Pop!  There are 5 nursey themes to collect with the Blume Baby Pop series 1.  These are a Zoo, Woodland, Sea, Llama and Unicorn.  Open up the flowerpot to reveal which secret nursery you have got. Each time you pull out a green sprout, ‘POP’ comes a surprise. 3, 4 or 5 babies?

There are 6 baby moods to collect. Happy, Winky, Dreamy, Poopy, Curious and Crying. Some are adorable, some are rare and some are super rare. Add water to the magic pool and watch the magic diapers change colour to reveal what gender your baby is.  There are up to 50 babies to collect.

Key features

  • Contents: 25 surprises (babies or accessories) a sticker sheet and a collector map
  • 3 babies are guaranteed
  • This would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday present
  • Collect them all
  • Blume Dolls Baby Pop Series 1 Gift
  • Blume Doll lover gift idea
  • Top Toy