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Blume Flowerpot Girls Rainbow Sparkle Surprise Gift

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Discover 25+ surprises and the magical power of rainbow rain with Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise! This exciting friendship set comes with three secret playsets and three Blume dolls that feature limited edition sparkly hairstyles.

Just add water and watch as the rainbow cloud releases rainbow rain into the flower pots, magically growing all your Blume dolls before your eyes! Open up each flower pot to uncover even more surprises like mix-and-match outfits and mini friends.

Key Features

  • Who will you blume?
  • Includes 3 Blume dolls with limited edition sparkle hair, 3 secret playsets, 1 rainbow cloud, 3 sticker sheets, and 15 surprise accessories and fashions
  • Discover 25+ surprises 
  • Blume rainbow sparkle surprise gift
  • Limited edition hair
  • Top Christmas toy